At LuxExpo-The Box, by Armand Kovacs on 13.03.2019

This weekend we had the lucky chance to be able to go to LUXEXPO at the yearly AUTOJUMBLE organised by LOF ( LËTZEBUERGER OLDTIMER FEDERATIOUN ). This is an early event where passionate automobilists come to show their prized collections as well as meet other people passionate about old cars. The exposition area itself was huge and we had a change to see vehicles starting from the humble begginings of 1912 up to the technological marvels of the newest Mercedes S Klass.

The expo was basically a walk through time: we started from 1912 with a car pulled right out of the movie archives of XIX century Paris, went past the exquisite models reserved only for the most wealthy of the 40s and 50s, admired the powerfull muscle cars of the 70s and finally ended with the modern race cars.

The cars were in an extraordinary state and you could admire the work and passion their owners put into them, into keeping these pieces of history alive and running. Also, a very nice part of this exhibit was the possibility to see some more unorthodox vehicles (such as a Canadian truck as well as some campers and a wide selection of farming vehicles) as well as being able to see what a part of Luxembourg´s vehicle history: the Luxembourgish police had a stand at which you could see how the police cars used to look and we could also see an old firetruck belonging to the airport firefighters.

All in all it was amazing to see all this passion and history behind one of the most common modern society commodities, the car and we will surely come again at next year´s AUTOJUMBLE.

(c) Kovacs Armand

If you want more interesting stuff happening at Luxexpo there is an upcoming Vintage Salon as well as a Modern Art Salon, but I recommend checking the whole schedule here because you can find a lot of really cool stuff happening all the time.