Monsieur Linh and his Child

By Armand Kovacs 13.05.2019

The last couple of years there has been a continuous discussion in Europe about refugees. Some people treat this subject with compassion while others try to dehumanize them. It is a difficult subject, a conflict between welcoming them with open arms and trying to help them integrate into the local society and the fear that our differences make that impossible.

This is what Guy Cassiers tackles in “Monsieur Linh and his Child”, the director’s own take on the Philippe Claudel’s text.

The story follows the hardships of a war refugee, Monsieur Linh, an old Asian man from a small village  who has lost everything , except his granddaughter, in a war in his native country. We see how Monsieur Linh leaves his country, we see how he lost his family and we see the difficulties with which he fights in a new land where he does not understand the language or the customs.  We see the desperation of him latching to a person that gives him attention as well as how loss and desperation attract people to comfort each other no matter their nationality or their upbringing.

Multiple subjects are tackled including the difficulties of language barriers, loss, hope and many others. Through the play we see a marvelous integration of video as well as music that help immerse us into the setting in which Mister Linh finds himself. The connection between Mister Linh and his new friend, Mister Bark is touching and hopeful. Their story shows us that people are the same no matter what and that we should give a chance to everyone.

In the end, this is a one man show about a contemporary issue that you should see because it will give you more insight on “the other side”, this being done in wonderful manner that is fully enjoyable to watch as well as heartbreaking when you truly comprehend it.

The Grand Theatre does many wonderful things and I recommend clicking here to see everything they have planned for the upcoming period.