A + D = µ

AµD is the soft name of a looking good folk ambient band from Lorraine

The singularity of the band could be this small letter in the middle of « AµD », as a sign of the meeting between Clément Bouvresse, drummer and pianist, and Damien Hugele, guitarist singer. Both were from Lunéville and shared the same stage during the summer music festival in 2009 but not with the same band. AµD already exist at that time, interpreted by Damien and his folk universe inspired from Bob Dylan or Ben Harper. Captivated by his music, Clément decided to provide it with a little more rock side, from the Red Hot or The Cat Empire.

However, the band can’t be summed up this way. For example, texts are written through tales and each one tells a story ending with a simple but true moral. This simplicity is also characteristic of Damien’s guitar which gently accompanies his texts. Clément can give depth by playing piano or drums. The result of this combination is Origami, their first EP released in December 2010.


Passing through Multipistes

This first production and the several stages they went on are obviously the reasons why the band has been selected in 2011 for the Multipistes project. If it is a cross-border musical support project, it is intended for professionalizing bands, which only need a helping hand.

The appreciation of the project was the sound management during live” tells Damien. Indeed, Multipistes offer for bands quality equipment and improvement workshops about musical or stage arrangement. “We had a very clear idea of what we wanted to do” adds Damien, “we just needed to find the best song for the band.” And this song is that of their second EP The Death of the Stag God.

Released in September 2012, it is the result of the appearance of the band in the project: a musical texture more elaborated and an ambient side more developed which goes well with the texts of the band. Besides, The Death of the Stag God has something the previous EP doesn’t have: a thread. Its texts, linked to each other, talk about the power of the money on Men or the destruction of the Nature (the Stag God) by them. Moreover this EP gets a better quality of the recording, and since the end of the project Clément and Damien had the time to develop their set with a new occasional drummer to give more depth to the songs.


Next album

With its strong experience, the band starts now a songwriting task in preparation for its future album. But if Clément and Damien still refuse to talk about it, their universe should be more expanded and maybe more visual, in view of the richness of their songs.

Listen for free the two EP of AµD on its bandcamp musicaud.bandcamp.com, while its website is being developed.

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