Advent calendar

15. December

Rhineland-Palatinate. You find the „MJC-Mergener Hof“ in the inner city of Trier, near the Porta Nigra. The youth centre offers different activities to support creativity and self-initiative. Besides projects, which help every day, like the accompanied lunch table, there are also workshops, concerts, holiday trips and sports activities organized by the Mergener Hof.

The next events will already take place this weekend in the youth centre: Saturday, 17th December, will be the 13th birthday of the Poetry Slam “Verbum Varium Treverorum”, which can be visited at 8pm. Tickets for the poetic content cost 6€.

On the same day there will also be the music event “Bääähm Classic Hip Hop” at 11:30pm.

Further events and information can be found here.

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