An Unexpected Journey

by Kovacs Armand on 13.11.19

                Usually, I am very picky about all the music I listen to: I am more of a Rock, Metal and Jazz fan but also enjoy classical music. Although this, some of my favorite music comes from soundtracks made for movies (for example the music from Interstellar, music created by the extraordinarily talented Hans Zimmer).

While browsing the Rockhal schedule I came to a stop at the show by the French DJ Worakls, for the launch of his first solo album, Orchestra. I searched online and listened to some samples of his work and found it quite interesting the way he binds electronic music with classical instruments.

Normally I am extraordinarily difficult about listening to DJ´s (I have only two or three I constantly listen to and like), so it was rather out of character of me to be so excited about attending Worakls’ concert. It turned out to be one of the best ideas I’ve had lately.

The show was amazing. Not only was there a perfect balance between the usage of classical instruments from the 20 members orchestra playing along the DJ but the show itself turned out to be more or less an epic journey into the mind and imagination of his creator.

Throughout the concert we experienced the excitement of being continuously surprised by where the music was leading us, passing through different dimensions of epic, action, sentiment and craftsmanship. We managed not only to experience the skill and soul of the orchestra members (the violinists and the electric contrabass players really put up a to remember performance) but also to take a peek into the mind of Worakls. The creation of such intricate and well balanced combination of genres really gives us a good insight on his professional background. The concert turned out to be an unexpected journey into classical and club music.

What was also extraordinarily interesting was the range of people participating at the concert. We were expecting an audience in the lower age group range but were pleasantly surprised to see young and old coming to enjoy this classic-clubbing fusion.

(c) Maddy

 In the end if you have an opportunity to see Worakls´Orchestra concert I really recommend it because of the complexity and balance of his music (and since he is having a tour for the Orchestra concert you have to possibility to see him). And just so you understand how much people liked him, at the end of the concert we wanted to buy his vinyl to support the artist but apparently, they sold out days before the Luxembourg concert.

If you are more interested in Worakls and his work you can find more about him, his concerts and his tour on the website of Hungry Music, the label he co-founded.

 Also, there are many more amazing things happening at Rockhal in Belval in the following months and you can look at their schedule here.

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