Back to the 40s

by Armand Kovacs on 12.12.2019

Since we moved to Luxembourg, we found out that Rockhal always has something up that´s cool and refreshing. Last weekend we took a short trip back to the 40s. By listening to some electro music. Sounds weird but just follow me.

When we were in high school, we used to listen to this awesome electro-swing mash-up from an Austrian DJ and his music was amazing. Even though I am more of a Rock´n Roll and Heavy Metal guy I always appreciated classic music as well blues and jazz. Parov Stelar´s music was a perfect mash-up of modern electronic vibes (I usually am not that big of a fan of electronic music) and the sweet rhythms of swing and jazz.

For the night, Rockhal was fully booked with people of many ages (the DJ managed to change the face of the electronic music industry in the 90s so his fandom ranges from people that were in their 20s in the 90s to new fans).

It was really nice to see such beautiful energy not only coming from the stage to the audience but the other way around as well. It was a journey through multiple stages of electro-swing, delighting us with nuances of swing, jazz and blues from different point in time and space ranging from European inspired jazz music to a more north American blues.

The audience enjoyed not only the interesting nature of the merging of different music styles but also the showmanship demonstrated and presented. The lights and band were always in rhythm with the music and they always managed to magnify the sensation of a travel back in time. Also, we had the opportunity to see the soloes and craftsmanship of the band as well, each of them having the opportunity to awe us with soloes of their instruments.

We heard amazing things coming from both Saxophone and Trumpet as well as bass. My personal favorite was actually the later who always managed to be the reference sound of all the songs and who did some amazing work whenever he had the spotlight on him (usually bass soloes are rather complex and difficult, but he really performed).

(c) Maddy

Although this, one thing I could be fussy about would be the vocal performance of the two leads whom unfortunately underperformed their colleagues. Indeed, the band and DJ apologized for this saying that the show from the previous night took it´s toll on the singers, but overall it held back an amazing performance which could have been perfect.

(c) Maddy

All in all, the Parov Stelar concert was a refreshing experience, a journey through decades of old school music combined with new era sounds that managed to bring together people of many backgrounds and ages who came to the concert to enjoy some fine piece of artistry.

If you like experimenting which such interesting concepts like the music of Parov Stelar but also maybe want to look for something more classic just take a look at the schedule of Rockhal here. They always have something worth going to and are a proof of Luxembourg´s love towards all types of arts.

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