Blue Man Group

By ÇELA Sara, 20 March 2019


Hadn’t read this description before going to the show, but this is how I also felt for a moment at the end of it! Actually, I did not know much about what expected me. I knew only there were drummers. But, well, Blue Man Group turned out to be not only about the drums. (Although, my favorite band instrument is the drum, and the drums for sure gave me the incentive to go!!). At the end, I heard myself saying ‘what waas this?’ -laughing, ‘amazing!’.  

Here is an insight of what Blue Man Group is…

Blue Man is a beautiful audio-visual mix of art instruments, lightening, colors, as well as technological tools. Founded as an initiative of a group of friends, the show today has reached a global popularity, touring in more than 20 countries and with an audience of 35 million people. The performance is captivating, full of energies and surprises, and also with the right suspense to make you anticipate about what’s coming up next! It is with no doubt a reflection of the work of a great professional artistic troop.

Being unable to put into words my experience, I would recommend everyone to see the show for themselves! This piece allows you to find your own way of interpreting it as it is very diverse and inclusive.

Important to mention is that Blue Man Group artistic remix (can) represent also crucial concepts of today’s society, which need be addressed and incorporated through art.

Keep note that their next stop in the Greater Region is in Brussels, October 29, 2019.

Don’t miss it!

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