Bodyguard, a trip back to the 90s

by Armand Kovacs, 26.02.2020

            We always love to go see theatre plays and also enjoy good music, so naturally musicals are one of our favorite genre of showmanship and we are always so eager to see a new show.

            This Friday we managed to go see the `Bodyguard, Das Musical` at Rockhal, a show that is inspired by the 90s movie ´The Bodyguard´ and that has seen a renewed interest in 2012 when Adelphi Theatre in London´s West End decided to put it on scene and do their own rendition. The version of Bodyguard that we have seen is a German version that keeps true to the story and atmosphere in the movie.

            To make a short description of the plot, Bodyguard tells the story of how two people from two different social backgrounds manage to get together, how the world-renowned superstar Rachel Marron manages to connect with her bodyguard Frank Farmer. It does this by also focusing on the difficulties a superstar life creates and how it affects personal relationships.

            The play itself, I think, managed to capture perfectly the 90s atmosphere of the movie, not only through the costumes which perfectly fit in their desired era, but also because of the specific lighting technique and music that managed to immerse us even more into that period. The directorial view tended to keep the play in the same era as the movie after which it has been adapted and that turned out to be a marvelous idea due to the fact that there are certain clichés that would normally make some people nod, but which were acceptable and even praised in their respective period.

Considering the fact that this was a musical, we must comment the two important aspects: music and acting.

(c) Maddy

            Actually, considering the musical part, we were really pleased and surprised of the excellent vocal quality of the performers, especially of the lead roles who managed to do excellent renditions of the immortal songs of Whitney Houston. Highlights of the show were, obviously Queen of The Night, I Will Always Love You and, of course, I Wanna Dance With Somebody. The musical performance of the artists really added to the emotional aspect of the show, making us laugh whenever needed and saddening us whenever it had to. One of the most heartbreaking songs was Jesus Loves Me who gave a dark and macabre tone to the death of Rachel´s sister (in the play, the main character´s sister is killed by a stalker of the singer).

(c) Maddy

            Speaking of acting, of course because of the caliber of such a show, we managed to see clean performances and storytelling by the actors. They told the story of Bodyguard with heart and soul, giving us a clear presentation of the relationships between the characters and presenting us with an incredible evolution of those character´s stories. I was especially fond of the two sisters, then lead feminine role, Rachel Marron, and her on stage sister Nicki. Although the chemistry and relationship between the lead actresses was really heartwarming and complete, I found a bit bland and maybe short of being properly completed the relationship between the actor playing Frank and the actress playing Rachel, and I would really would have liked to see a better defined relationship between them.

            To wrap everything up, Bodyguard das Musical was a brilliant show, combining music and theatre from a different era into a visually and musically pleasant performance that keeps true to it´s source material and that I am sure will probably become a classic like Cats or Cabaret.

            If you want to see more about Bodyguard das Musical, you can find more about the cast and show here, as well as where they are touring next.

            Also, as always, Rockhal has an amazing roster of shows that you can check here. They do amazing things and are one of the best cultural venues for young and old in Luxembourg.