Science Club

by Luisa Schulte387 comments

Reversed science Café on November 11th in Luxemburg Science Center

Personalized medicine! Will custom made patient care really revolutionize the medical field?
by grrrrr499 comments

Tardi- exhibition at the Abbey Neumünster

"Putain de Guerre! - Elender Krieg! (Miserable War!)"
by Luisa Schulte350 comments

And… action! Créajeune Filmworkshop 2016

by Luisa Schulte5 comments

Street a(rt)nimation 2016

Luxembourg city as a stage
by Luisa Schulte311 comments

Death Journey by Hind Al-Harby

A story of human resilience
by grrrrr2,893 comments

All new people

Mixed-up feelings about this play translating our Y Generation's mal de vivre
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