Conversations with Nick Cave

By Armand Kovacs, 29.05.2019

Not everyday we have the chance to attend a performance of a person who managed to shape an entire genre and touch the hearts and souls of entire generations. This Friday we were lucky enough to be at such an event hosted by non-other than Nick Cave at the Luxembourg Philharmonie.

If you are wondering who Nick Cave is, you can find that he is an Australian artist who was in the band the ´Birthday Party´ and sings along the ´Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds´. Truth is, he is more than that: he is a pioneer of song writing and emotion and the fact that his songs are covered by big names of the music industry should be a testament of his achievements (he has been covered by Johny Cash, Metallica, Arctic Monkeys and others).

The event was indeed interesting towards the bizarre, not falling into the classical pattern of a concert at the Philharmonie. It was actually a conversation with the artist himself. Throughout the performance Nick Cave was answering questions put by audience members (he accepted to answer to ´any questions you can think about´) and singing his songs in between these questions depending on the mood set by the conversation and even requests of people he was talking with.

Personally, I would have liked for people to be more interested in Nick Cave the artist, his creative process and motivations for his soulful music. Instead, many people (really heavily immersed fans that are following him throughout the world just to get a glimpse of the artist and his performance) were going towards a more personal approach asking for advice or even asking the artist about private matters (many questions were gravitating around the personal loss of Nick Cave´s son or people who experienced loss and were asking how to resolve their internal turmoil).

Apart from this maybe misguided focus, the performance was amazing, and the singer/songwriter delighted us with his piano and voice and showed us the true meaning of passion, soul as well as artistry. This was truly a performance of a titan of the music industry.

If you wish to see more that is happening at the Philharmonie click here. It is always a pleasure and a privilege to attend everything they are doing because it is indeed soul medicine. Also, if you wish to have a glimpse of the genius that is Nick Cave, you can click here.

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