Crossborder Freedom Bus 2016

„Past and present“– a borderless art project

Trier. The crossborder network’s project “Freedom Bus“ started its journey the 30th August in Kraków, Poland. The crossborder or borderless art project to the topic “past and present” connected up to 60 participants of 14 different European countries. On the 08th September, after stops in Berlin and Roes, the Freedom Bus arrived in Trier, this year’s terminal stop. In the following week intense working, workshops and borderless creativity could be found in the Trier University of Applied Sciences.

The results of the productive journey were presented to the public in an unconventional exhibition on September, 14th. “Same but different“: in this way the work of the students presented itself in the well-known Viehmarktthermen of Trier. The basis was for every artist the same: a sketchbook for catching impressions on the journey and to plan other pieces. Limited possibilities because of the changing places were visible. White boxes, matching the topic, were designed differently and also exhibited. Same basis, different end product due to creation. This circumstance was not chosen randomly; in her opening speech professor Bulanda-Pantalacci points out that the thought of something being the same but different would be important for the comprehension and cohesion of Europe. In some points we may differ, but in total we would be the same.

While going through the exhibition one hears different languages, matching the multiculturalism. The attached explanations of the students next to their art pieces are multilingual as well. For giving the possibility to understand the idea behind the project, mother tongue and English are always beside each other. The visitor can see curtains out of paper strips which illustrate that many walls can or even have to be crossed, masks which show, that not everything we see is also the truth, metal sculptures, sketch books, film installations, the already mentioned boxes and much more.

The exhibition’s place, the Viehmarktthermen, lead to a wide spread of the art pieces. This spread was intended to give the visitors a different perspective and maybe think about relations.

In the opening speech the exhibition is called unconventional; indeed, it is a special exhibition. Not only, that it was created by different people and includes various perspectives and thoughts, it is also just accessible for five hours. After that, the participants are returning to their home countries, with important experiences as their luggage and many new friendships, which were built by this borderless art project.

Next year the Freedom Bus goes again on tour: up until the Normandie the journey is planned. Starting point is going to be Esch, Luxembourg. Not only the participants are looking forward to the start.


photos: Luisa Schulte










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