Europe Camp

perspectives of the Greater Region

Saarland. Like in every autumn, the Europe Camp took place at the Europa Akademie Otzenhausen (Saarland). The weekend for students of the Greater Region offer orientation and perspectives and was booked out by motivated participants.

What can I do after my graduation? Which possibilities are there in the Greater Region? What can I do abroad? – These questions were the topic of different conversations between experts and young people of the Greater Region. The multilingual workshops and presentations were about how to find an internship in the neighbouring regions, possibilities of crossborder courses of studies, how to find a job or how to travel in the surrounding regions or abroad in general. The different organisations, like for example the Arbeitsagentur, Eures or the University of the Greater Region, presented useful information and the following group conversations offered the possibility to discuss some personal questions. The alumnis of several different programs were able to encourage many questions and ideas of the participants. Internship, European Voluntary Service of Work and Travel, the invited young presenters were able to talk a lot about their personal experiences.

Plans and experiences were also discussed within the group of participants. One should especially be aware of the possibilities of the Greater Region, because it is unique and the region of the most crossbording commuters in Europe. The participants were able to learn more about one another in different language games. After the weekend a good team spirit was noticeable between the different nationalities and languages. Language barriers were naturally conquered.

The weekend as a whole was definitely an enrichment for all the participants of the partner regions. The general productivity was also shown in the successful postprocessig-phase, in which a comic, a song, a photo story and two theatre presentations were created. All in all a very intense and interesting weekend which gave the participants a lot of information to carry home. Surely one or another impulse for future plans was included.

Concluding I can only advise to participate in the Europe Camp. Benefit from the opportunity!