Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets          

In concert at Rockhal

Most of us have seen the Harry Potter movies at least once, and my generation basically grew alongside this magical world created by J.K. Rowling. After reading and watching the films a dozen times, making sure to be up to date to every new story on this world and not obsessing enough, I thought it was time to see one of the movies in another setting.


Last weekend, the Rockhal hosted the Harry Potter in concert tour for two nights in a row (26th and 27th November 2018). The 2nd movie in the franchise (i.e. Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets) was projected on a 40-foot screen, while the theme music of the movie, written by John Williams, was played by the Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg.

While entering and looking for my seat, the orchestra began to warm up for the show and I could recognize some of the iconic tunes of the movies, while my mind brought to light scenes from the movies.


Before the movie began, they had an introductory clip, where John Williams (the song writer for the first 3 movies) explained his process of writing the music – he never read the scripts, he would watch the movies and write the appropriate tunes for the scenes; being inspired by the actors’ reactions. Furthermore, as much I would like to consider myself a true fan Harry Potter, I learned that my favorite tune’s (Hedwig’s theme) main instrument is a celesta. The celesta is a lookalike piano but with softer sounds. Its name comes from the French word celeste (translation: heavenly).


After this pitch into the musical word, the movie and concert began. Goosebumps when hearing the so well-known theme song of Harry Potter played live. Goosebumps for rewatching the movie alongside other fans of the magical word. Goosebumps when Dooby made its appearance on screen. Goosebumps over Goosebumps for every second of the performance of the Luxembourgish Orchestra.


The Ochestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg? – No words are good enough to describe their on-point performance.

The experience? – Amazing with a pinch of realization the Harry Potter generation has grown up, but the movie doesn’t cease to inspire younger generations.


I do not want you to think I might be biased, so I found someone from the audience awilling to share his experience: “For me, the atmosphere created by the orchestra and the memories of the movies that I have grown up with were the bread and butter of this whole event. The audience itself was something amazing. It was a refreshing breath of air to see so many passionate people really sink into the Harry Potter universe, and by this I am not only talking about 10-11 year old children and their parent dressed up as their favorite characters, but also about people of my own generation, people in their 20s who grew alongside the Harry Potter Universe that were cheering and were really immersed into the story. It was wonderful to see that this franchise is truly one of the masterpieces of the 20th century literature, J.K.Rowling’s magical universe being up to par with J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantastic one created almost a century ago.” – Armand KOVACS, 24.


For all of you Harry Potter fans that didn’t know about this concert, check out the website and you might be in luck and find a concert near your place.


For all of you that like well organized concerts and shows in a safe environment, Rockhal brings to you next:  Bullet for my Valentine – 07th Nov, Sonic Visions festival – 15th – 17th Nov, The Prodigy – 08th Dec, Cats (musical) – 05th Feb 2019, and many others. Check their website for more information.


Written in Esch-sur-Alzette, Belval, November 2, by Madalina MODROIU