Join the Europen Capital of Culture Esch 2022: open call for projects

Luxembourg was (part of) an European Capital of Culture (ECoC) in 1995, 2007 and now 2022. This is now time to introduce projects, for which the deadline is end of July 2019. Here are some information about this call for projects and Esch 2022.

Missions of Esch 2022 

  1. Culture : to develop a higher professionalisation and working conditions ;
  2. Public : to reach a broad and diverse audience ;
  3. Population : to get the interest from everyone, not just the public, to encourage individual engagement ;
  4. Cities and communes : it’s not just about Esch-sur-Alzette, it’s also about promoting the tourism of the area, and create new social ties between the cities from the South.

Theme > Remix …

Remix is defined by Esch 2022 organisational team as a cultural action to remix elements and get something new and surprising out of it.

  1. Europe : promote the positive aspects of Europe. The idea is also to try to find out a cultural identity to Esch, to the Southern region and how to integrate Europe within the cooperation projects (there are three European Capitals of Culture during 2022).
  2. Nature 
  3. Yourself : social, individual or collective (cultural desire and needs). What is the common culture and identity of the cross-border population of Esch 2022?
  4. Art : larger happenings (classic events of a capital of culture) like opening and closing ceremonies. A focus on digital technologies will be developed through a hub, flagship of Esch 2022.

Tips and criteria of the call for projects

  • What will be highly appreciated :
    • innovative and original ideas
    • involving the audience / population
  • Criteria can be found on the webpage and in the guidelines (PDF) to read carefully ;
  • The whole set of criteria mustn’t necessarily be met to submit a project : it’s important but not exclusive ;
  • However one criteria MUST be respected : the project needs to take place on the territory of Esch 2022 (see picture below), the first event has to start here ;
  • Projects can be longer than the year of Esch 2022 (which covers the period from 22.02.22 to 22.12.22) ;
  • Several projects can be proposed by each individual ;
  • Drafts can be saved on the website and submitted until midnight 31.07.19 ;
  • The open call for projects lasts until 31.07.2019 ;
  • ECoC 2022 can offer a financial participation up to 50% of the cost of the project ;
  • The budget can be set by the project holder ;
  • If some projects are similar or can be remixed, the organisation of Esch 2022 will propose a collaboration (which can be accepted or not by the project holders) ;
  • Different projects can be connected (on a practical level, like sharing open spaces or on a conceptual level, like sharing ideas).

Don’t hesitate to spread the word about Esch 2022 and the call for project. It’s a participative concept, the organisation wants to grow from just offering cultural consumerism towards involving the public in the projects.

The territoire of (c) ECoC 2022