Son Lux interview: “We love to marry extremely dark and light elements in our music”.

by Somuch Noise, 15/08/2019

For their last show of the year, Son Lux (Ryan Lott, Rafiq Bhatia and Ian Chang) choosed to perform at the Rotondes for the Congés Annulés on 15th August. As a HUGE fan, I jumped on the opportunity to interview the band who were kind enough to not run away and answer my questions. Action!

It’s the 5th time I see you live, for your 5th album « Brighter Wounds », the first time was 5 years ago… Are you superstitious ?
Wow, 5 times. I’ve never seen a band that many times. You probably have an interesting sense of our evolution. I believe that unseen things are even more important than what’s visible around us, but no, I’m definitely not superstitious. – RL

You are kicking off the summer festivals tour and ours, in Luxemburg is called « Congés Annulés ». What would your perfect holidays be like?
Learning about different cultures through good food and art with people that I love. – IC

Lost it to trying have been used to promote an SUV through Europe. Ryan, Is it because you started composing jingles that you accepted the deal ?
I worked as a music house composer for years. That was my full-time job while I continued to develop the Son Lux project on the side. Eventually, I was able to focus entirely on my own projects and quit the ad music job. One of the main reasons that was possible was because I was open to licensing Son Lux songs for use in TV and film. Licensing opportunities continue to provide income for us, enabling us to throw our energy more aggressively into our creative endeavors. – RL

When we first met (5 years ago) we agreed that your name Son Lux stands for Sonia Luxembourg, is it still the case ?
Obviously! – RB

Some critics have written that your music is dark experimental pop however, I find it extremely bright. Who is right?
We love to marry extremely dark and light elements in our music, so you’re both totally right! We also think that our relationship to our own music isn’t any more valid than any listener’s relationship to our music. – IC

You composed for movies like The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby or Paper Town, what is the last movie you’ve seen ?
Midsommar. Darkness in broad daylight. ⚠️ – RB (NDLR: totally agree!)

Son Lux at Congés Annulés, on August 15th.