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by Maddy on 02.01.2020

I hope all of you had a marvelous Christmas and that you received all the gifts you wanted.

I decided that this year’s Christmas’ Eve’s Eve I would spend watching a classical musical: Cabaret. Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg brought us this festive season Kander and Ebb’s West End masterpiece, put in place by Bill Kenwright and starring John Partridge as the Emcee, Kara Lily Hayworth as Sally Bowles and Charles Hagerty as Cliff Bradshaw.

Since I started going to theatre and watching musicals, I have always wanted to see Cabaret live, even if I have never seen the movie. Everyone in my circle of friends was talking about it and I kind of knew the storyline, but still couldn’t make myself to watch the movie, as I wanted to experience the live version first. A few years ago, I’ve got the chance to get tickets to the premier of Cabaret at the local theatre in my hometown and I was mesmerized the whole two hours of the show.

Now, I thought I would go and see another take of the musical, to see a good show from West End. Nevertheless, I was yet again blown away and dragged into the story like the first time I saw it, but with more intensity and comprehension than I did a few years ago. This show made me feel like entering the Kit Kat Club and being not only the guest to the club but also a witness to the backstage drama.

Everything was flawless from the beginning until the end. I didn’t want the show to end, and I wanted it to have a happy ending, but I knew that that wasn’t going to happen. I think that this musical makes us understand how things used to be in long passed time that doesn´t actually feel to be so long ago. Nevertheless, some subjects are still valid nowadays and, in some way, it still sends a message, not being only a recall of what has happened.

For the whole show, the Emcee was on point all the time, and I admire John Partridge for his energy and performance. I could see that he felt good in this role, in being the Maestro of the show, being able to do and say whatever he wanted.  He managed to be charming, funny, cocky, bossy, cringy and creepy at the same time, adding color and nuance to the whole experience.

I have always found a bit peculiar the relationship between Sally and Cliff, and I have never known which side to pick. Even after last week, I don’t know or even if I should pick a side, but both Kara and Charles seemed so natural in their roles that now I cannot put other faces to these characters. Also, Kara Lily’s voice’s softness gave the songs the perfect amount of suaveness and sexiness at the right time.

Anyway, my point is that one cannot finish this decade or start the next one without seeing this musical in this form. So, grab the tickets while there are still any left: 2nd Jan, 3rd Jan, 4th Jan (there are two shows) and 5th Jan. More info about tickets here. More info about what is next at Les Theatres de la Ville de Luxembourg.

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