Wrapping up CinEast

by Maddy on 28.10.19

As much as I would like to tell you that for the last week of CinEast I saw all the movies possible, I cannot as I was hit by the flu most of the week.

Nevertheless, I got to see Bad Poems, a Hungarian masterpiece, where we took part to the re-born of a young man after he was dumped by his girlfriend. The movie is full of auto-ironies, Eastern European paradoxes and thoughts most of us probably had and thought we were the only ones. The best part from the movie was when the young man, having to make a decision in accepting a job he didn’t want to do, experienced a conversation with his younger self in three different stages of his life, realizing he let down himself. I loved this part as a lot of people compromised what they’ve dreamed of doing when they were kids and then regretted it. 

There were two juries : the International jury formed of Sophie Mousel (Luxembourgish actress), Renata Santoro (programmer Venice Days), Adolf El Assal (director and producer), Marius Olteanu (director and scriptwriter) and the jury president Jacques Dillon (director and scriptwriter).

And the Press Jury composed of France Clarinval (RTL), Marc Trappendreher (Lëtzebuerger Land) and Cristóbal Soage (Cineuropa). 

Now, the winners:

Oleg by Juris Kursietis (Letonia/Belgium/Latvia/France) the Grand Prix

Oleg (c) CinEast

Corpus Christi by Jan komasa (Poland/France) the Special Prize of Jury (International Jury) and the Critic’s Prize (Press Jury)

Corpus Christi (c) CinEast

Honeyland by Ljubomis Stefanov and Tamara Kotevska (North Macedonia) the Audience Award

And the short-film winners for the Audience Award:

The Christmas Gift by Bogdan Muresan (fiction, Romania/France)

Toomas Beneath The Valley Of The Wild Wolves by Chintis Lundgren (animation, Croatia/Estonia/France)

Toomas Beneath The Valley Of The Wild Wolves (c) CinEast

Dancing For You by Katarzyna Lesisz (documentary, Poland).

As stated by the festival organizers themselves, the 12th edition of CinEast festival was the most successful one so far. They had 9 100 spectators and 11 200 participants to the festival. I hope next year it will be better and there will be more participants and spectators.

You can see the news they have on other events they organize here and here. Give them a like on Facebook as soon as possible as they already have a lot of events for November you should not miss out.