Grrrrr.eu is a cultural portal for young people in the Greater Region. “Portal” because we want to open the doors to discover what there is behind. “Cultural” because culture doesn’t have any border and stays our favorite topic. “Young” because our approach is based on experiment and testing. And “Great Region” because it is the laboratory where our project have started.


Our wish is to highlight what happens around us with our eyes and our words ; presenting our differences in a common space ; and offering a support to anyone wishing to share and to take part in a collaborative project.


– Grrrrr offers you the chance to discover cultural events across Greater-Region for FREE
– You can contribute to the webzine by writing articles to experiment journalism
-Grrrrr organizes free workshops between young people from the Greater-Region to develop their skills in journalism or in different medias (photo, video, web design…)
– Grrrrr makes you discover the Greater-Region and meet yours neighbors from other countries


– The Grrrrr team is a network of young redactors (from 15 to 30 years old) of the Greater-Region

–   A permanent redactor in chief who takes care of the webzine and the workshops
–  A project initially co-funded by Erasmus+ jeunesse en action and SNJ Luxembourg
– An initial initiative of cultural ministers of the Greater-Region

If you're interested...

Contact point:

Anne Bégué