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6. December

Wallonia. The cultural centre “Cité Miroir“ is to be found in the public Sauvenière-Baths in Liège and offers several cultural activities like exhibitions, debates, concerts, film screenings and theatre plays.

The Cité Miroir’s programme is organized by different associations who develop events to the topic society and history for visitors. The permanent exhibitions “Entre Galeries et Forges: Histoires d’une Émancipation” and “Plus Jamais Ca! Parcours dans les Camps Nazis pour Résister Aujourd’hui” tell histories of different time periods.  The first one refers to different stages of the social struggle “Between gallery and ironwork: history of emancipation“ and the exhibition “Never again! Excursion in Nazi-concentration camps to resist today“ deals with Nazi-history and the resistance.

A permanent exhibition can be visited for 3€ by students, the entrance fee for one of the exhibitions for adults costs 5€.

Until Christmas Day you can visit the exhibitions daily: opening hours Monday to Friday 9am until 6pm, Saturday and Sunday 10am until 6pm.

Further information and additional cultural offers of the “Cité Miroir“ can be found here:

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