Blues’n Jazz Rallye

By Maddy 31.07.2019

Last Saturday, three neighborhoods of Luxembourg city were taken over by over 50 different artists and bands performing throughout 12 outdoor stages and 20 pubs and restaurants in Grund, Clausen and Pfaffenthal.

Although the weather forecast for this weekend was gloomy, we were lucky to enjoy a perfect not too cool, not too warm evening in this amazing setting and enjoy the post heatwave fresh air.

Walking up and down the streets, we emerged through time and space as we could listen to old school Jazz that reminded us of the ‘50s and ‘60s, Swamp Blues and  different other combinations of jazz and blues with hip-hop, rap, reggae and many others. Also, there were ad-hoc performances on the street, that created a magical atmosphere.

The only problem we encountered was that it was not physically possible to attend all the concerts and we had to move fast between the stages in order to catch the beginning or the end of the shows we wanted to attend.

We got to see Kid Colling Radio, Lux Onions, Delta Moon finishing with Akua Naru.

Kid Colling is a Colombian-Luxembourgish singer, songwriter and guitarist that combines blues rhythm with rock and groove. He likes to interact and make a connection with his audience and he is not afraid of making a show by “battling” through solos with his band.

Kid Colling (c) Kovacs Armand

Lux Onions and Friends play the trumpet, trombone, clarinet, banjo and double bass traditional jazz.  Although we were able to listen just to a couple of songs played by them, we felt like the time reversed and we were back in the ‘50s or ‘60s. We were a bit disappointed that we didn’t get to see the whole show.

After enjoying some traditional Luxembourgish street food, we wanted to travel a bit and we listened to Delta Moon, an Alabaman based group. This was one of a kind experiences for me at least, as I haven’t been able to listen to live swamp music before. This band has been in the business for over two decades, and one can see they were born to be on the stage. Nevertheless, their show was on point, with some improvisations between the band members that just added to the performance. Unfortunately, we couldn’t attend the whole concert of them as we wanted to see Akua Naru before calling the night.

Delta Moon (c) Kovacs Armand

Akua Naru is a hip-hop artist that combines rap with jazz and soul rhythms taking you into an unforgettable journey. She is an activist and through her music she wants to inspire and empower Black women. For us, it is a real pleasure to listen to her playing live whenever we have the opportunity as she creates a special connection with her audience every time. Her voice has a story-telling sound, that makes you wish the concert never ends.

Akua Naru (c) Kovacs Armand

What we enjoyed the most was the whole atmosphere that was created. A lot of people enjoying themselves with good music, spending some time with friends and being able to explore a more animated Luxembourg. We discovered new small streets and were able to better observe the architecture of this beautiful city in another setting, other than just the usual working one.

Next in Luxembourg this summer: Rock’n’Classics Beaufort, City Open Air Cinema, Congés Annulés.

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