Rockin’ the Castle

By Armand Kovacs, 21/08/2019

            This summer turned out to be really amazing not only because of all the awesome events that take place in Luxembourg but also because these events made it possible for us to see many wonderful things in this small country. Since last time we talked about the castle in Wiltz where we attended the “Le Festival de Wiltz”, today we will go on to a new castle, the Chateau Beaufort where we had the opportunity to attend Rock’N Classics.

First of all the Journey from Luxembourg City to Beaufort took us through amazing and lush forest settings, through small pittoresque Luxembourgish villages and finally through the surprisingly full of life Beaufort, which was animated last week by the Rock’N Classics festival. The festival took place from 11th up to 18th of August and we had the chance to attend two performances: Queen Rhapsody – Natalia Posnova and Band  and Letz Zep – Zeppelin Resurrection.

Both concert had in their opening an amazing performance by Frano, a 14 year old musical prodigy who absolutely delighted us not only with his personal renditions of popular songs such as “House of the Rising Sun” but also with his own creations. Indeed it was refreshing to see the passion and soul this young musician puts into his creative process as well as the warmth the Luxembourgish audience met him with. If you want to take a closer look at Frano and his work you can find it here. Especially if you appreciate amazing guitar playing you should definitely look him up.

In the first evening, after Frano’s Performance we were witnesses at an out of the box rendition of the immortal songs of the band Queen, interpreted by the pianist Natalia Posnova. Throughout her performance she blended seamlessly classical music that she played on her piano alongside the band (works of Bach and other big names of Classical music) and the ageless songs of Freddie Mercury and Queen, giving us full instrumental versions of Popular songs such as Radio Gaga but also instrumental and vocal interpretations of the beloved songs of the singer (we assisted to an amazing performance of Love of My Life with Natalia Posnova at piano and one of her guests voice). Indeed, she brought to her performance a singer that closely resembled the vocal range of the great Mercury as well as a close friend of the Queen legend, with whom she discussed a bit alongside the audience, in order for us to get a taste of how Freddie Mercury was.

Second performance we attended was that of Letz Zep, a Led Zeppelin inspired band that brought us back to the beginning of Rock’N Roll. Although it was maybe one of the chillier nights we had recently they managed to warm up the whole crowd who included not only people that wanted to enjoy a night of old school Rock’N Roll but also hardcore fans that have come to enjoy the music of probably their favourite band. Truth is, it was worth it. The band not only had a striking resemblance to the 70s band speaking of visuals but also vocally the singer was so close to the legendary sound created by Robert Plant.

Also, the band members were amazing. We couldn’t take our eyes of the guitar, bass and drums players who gave us amazing soloes, extraordinary performances and showed us what passion towards music looks like. That’s not all. Even though the music was spot on, what really was important was that the band managed to catch the spirit of Led Zeppelin. They managed to recreate their own version of the glamour and awesomeness that old school Rock’N Roll band had, things that made them the sensation they were in the previous century.

Letz Zep (c) Maddy

            So, how was Rock’N Classics? Amazing would be an appropriate word but awesome is an even better one. It’s always a pleasure to listen to such great music, admire such great artists, remember the greatness of the people they are giving an hommage to and also discover another one of Luxembourg’s beautiful cities. If you want take a closer look at Rock’N Classics you can find them here. Also this event has been organized by Kultopolis and the Befortern Schlossfreunded who we thank for giving us a chance to attend this beautiful event.

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