The Shine of Music

By Armand Kovacs on 24.01.2020

            The arts have always had a part in uniting all of us as people, bridging the gap between our differences and showing us that in the essence we are the same. Of all the arts, symphonic music has always had a special place and power because of its disregard of nationality, geography, gender, colour, being an universal language which everybody can understand if they are willing to accept it into their heart.

            Why am I talking about symphonic music like this? Because we recently had the pleasure of going to the Philharmonie Luxembourg to attend the concert of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra presided by none other than the Italian master conductor Riccardo Muti.

The Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Riccardo Muti Music Director 2020 European Tour Concert in Luxembourg © Todd Rosenberg Photography 2020

            The Grand Auditorium of the Philharmonie Luxembourg was packed with people, people representing diversity itself, coming to enjoy a fine show of craftsmanship given by the very best of the best in the world.

            The concert was amazing, comprised of the lovely pieces of Richard Wagner, Paul Hindemith and Antonin Dvorak playing Der fliegende Holländer (Le Vaisseau fantôme): Ouvertüre, Symphonie «Mathis der Maler» respectively Symphonie N° 9 «Du Nouveau Monde» / «Aus der Neuen Welt».

            The Orchestra and its maestro gave the audience a taste of 19th Century Symphonic music, making the Philharmonie Luxembourg feel like one of the great musical venues of the world. Riccardo Muti directed his artists with force but also finesse bringing a balance of atmosphere and harmony that was unique to the sublime stories of the great artists that composed the music they were playing.

            Throughout the 1 hour and a half performance we had our eyes, years and souls glued to the scene in front of us, being mesmerized and pacified by the great musical creations that were being interpreted right before our very eyes.

            Although this, the most important thing in this concert, from my point of view, was the unity of the Orchestra itself. Despite it had a great master at its head they were acting as one, everybody contributing to the overall harmony of the compositions, not having anyone to stand out in a unpleasant way, helping each other sustain a marvelous concert and a true display of artistry.

            Going to the Philharmonie Luxembourg is always a pleasure and a privilege and this concert has made it clear that they can always do more to entertain its audience and up the standard as much as possible.

            If you wish to find out more about what is happening at the Philharmonie Luxembourg you can find out more details here (especially if you are under 27 years old because they have some amazing deals for young people). I recommend you check out everything from visiting performers to the concerts of local artists who are also amazing.